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Top Bug Out Bag Items Often Overlooked

Bug out bag essentials

We recently posted some of the items that are strongly recommended for your bug out bag (BOB). These are great starting items and one should include at least some variation of these survival items in their own bag. But there are often several very important and overlooked BOB items that you should have in your bag, or at least have close at hand to place in your bag if the situation arose.

The purpose of a bug out bag should be its reduced weight and versatility of items in your bag. I find that my essential items are always being updated, where newer things get added, some other things get removed or reduced. Some of the items listed below are what I’ve found to be the most popular, but often overlooked BOB items, from reading other survival blogs and speaking with numerous people on the subject.

Food, Water, and Cooking

  1. Meat thermometer – If you’re in the wild and hunting small game like squirrel or rabbit, or you just took down a deer, a meat thermometer could be a useful tool to avoid food poisoning. Find the smallest and most lightweight
  2. Paper coffee filters – Coffee filters provide an easy way to get water clean of sediment and debris before boiling. A bandana can also work, or even a sock. But coffee filters are specifically built for removing the type of stuff often found in creeks or rivers and they are very light weight.

Tools and Multi-purpose

  1. Remington oil Bug Out BagRemington oil – You’ll undoubtedly have a knife or knives or one or more guns with your bug out bag. Remington oil is a great lubricant to have on hand for firearms or knives. Practically anything that can cut or move can be treated with Remington oil.
  2. Small shovel (E-tool, or entrenching tool) – You can pick up a small tri-fold shovel for around $12 and upwards of $30-40 depending on the type you get. Great for any digging required for trapping, securing camp/shelter gear, or burying human waste.
  3. Figure-9 Carabiner – Carabiner is a fantastic and quick alternative to tying knots for tents, hammocks, clotheslines, etc. Since they tighten quickly, provide great tension, and help to secure ropes without knots, they are perfect for shelters when you would be using ropes or paracord to secure things. They’ve made it even easier to use by adding a carabiner clip that attaches to any fixed anchor point.

Personal and Identity Items

  1. Identity papers – It’s critical to have a copy of your birth certificate, a wedding certificate, land deeds, and a passport (if you have one) during any survival situation. When or if law and order is re-established, you may need to prove who you are or what you own.
  2. Family pictures – If you lose a loved one, or just need a mental pick-me-up if SHTF, a picture of your wife or daughter may be what’s needed to get you through the situation or to help identify them to others who may have seen them.

What are some of the items you’ve added to your own bag? I’m sure we all have some cool, handy ideas to share.

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