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Propane Gas Uses for Off-The-Grid Homes & Survival

Propane for Off Grid Survival

When you are surviving off-the-grid there will be many problems you need to solve and interestingly enough, propane may be your solution for many of them.

Propane is a viable energy source used by many people living off-the-grid. This form of gas is typically stored in stand alone tanks on your property, which can either be buried or above ground. You pump the propane into your house and only use what you need.

Not only is propane great for heating but it can also be used for the following:

  • Refrigerators
  • Cooktops and Ranges
  • Water heaters
  • Freezers
  • Generators
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Outdoor Grills
  • Deep Fryers
  • Convection Ovens
  • Griddles
  • Much, much more…

While it may seem odd to use propane to run these appliances, you will quickly begin loving this new form of energy. Propane burns clean and is very effective. As such, you will find that it is cheaper to run your clothes dryer or cooktop on propane than almost any other form of energy.

Besides being an economical solution, propane is readily available so you should have no problems getting your tanks filled. Similarly, this clean fuel is also very portable so you can keep it in a large tank to power your home or add it to a 20 lb tank for cooking on the move.

If you are suffering from any type of energy problem, take a second look at propane. This clean fuel source will most likely become a must-have for your off-the-grid home.


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