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Growing Onions 101

Onion harvest

Onions are the perfect complement for any garden and quite nice to have in a home garden or for survival and off grid living. If you are thinking about growing onions, these steps below will help you enjoy your onion harvest.

Growing Red OnionsStep 1: Choose Your Onion Variety

Yellow Onions – Slightly sweet flavor that are perfect for salads or sandwiches.

Red Onions – Typically eaten fresh rather than cooked.

White Onions – Sharp and tangy flavor.

Step 2: Decide On Your Planting Method

Now you need to determine if you want to plant your onions from a seed or take a shortcut and plant them from existing onion cuttings. Planting from seeds are typically your safer bet as they tend to be more successful, however, transplanting from a cutting will save you about 3 months of effort.

Step 3: Plant Your Onions

Obviously, planting your onions is a crucial step in having a successful harvest. Once the risk of frost has been removed, select a spot in your garden that has lots of space and gets a large amount of sunlight. Pro Tip: The more area you give your onions, the larger they will grow.

Once you select your spot, till the soil to about 6 inches deep and dig your holes. You will want to plant your onion sets about 4 to 6 inches apart while your seeds should be planted 1-2 inches apart.

Step 4: Harvest

When the tops appear golden-yellow in color your onions are ready for picking. Once you pull the onions, let them dry in the sun for a couple of days before moving them to a nice cool place.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Onions!

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