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Going Solar – Choosing the Right Solar Power System for Off and On Grid Living

If there is a power source that is dependable and long lasting while simultaneously giving you a sense of gratification for being easy on the environment and ultimately your wallet in future, it is the sun. Going solar is not an easy decision to make what with all the myths and misconceptions surrounding the idea in general, yet it is an extremely satisfying choice that would certainly aid in times of power emergencies and natural and man-made disasters. Going solar is not restricted to countries and places with warmer climates. Even places up north receive enough sunlight for this technique to work well. If you have decided to take this all important step, then it is wise to keep beside you a list of common faux pas associated with this choice in order to transform this decision into an informed one.

Failing to trim down energy consumption before purchase

A part of being energy efficient is to explore and analyze those areas in your home that contribute to maximum energy losses and to fix them prior to going solar. Installing solar systems to boost your chances of survival in case of emergencies while saving on energy bills currently is an excellent strategy only when a proper energy audit by a pro is done to identify energy consumption pattern in your home. If you plan to go completely off the grid, make necessary remodeling, retrofitting, recycling and purchase decisions to make solar systems work for you the way you want them to.

Solar Tiny HouseAll that glitters is not a good solar system

It is easy to fall for choices and options that seem lucrative and attractive on the outside. Cheap systems, long lasting, great discounts, unimaginable customer service promises etc., might catch your eye but truth might not always be that attractive or glittery.  It is therefore necessary to explore the market first for good deals and quality products. Internet is a great source of reviews and information. Do your research, look for necessary certifications and be armed with tricky questions before purchase. You can also find plenty of DIY solar power system advise online with a simple search. Newer technology is always coming out in this industry, including some really cool solar power devices for cooking and general power as well.

Not utilizing the help of a pro

It is hard not to fall for DIY kits. If you plan to save a few bucks on installation, be prepared to shell out a few more for mistakes you make later on. Professionals are trained enough to fix problems before they appear and hence know what to do and what not to do while making installations, not to mention the help they offer in terms of permits that you need for going off the grid.

Overlooking financial choices

If you are looking to purchase a solar system, do the necessary background work on the financial aspects before plunging in and writing a check. Research on the various incentive and rebate programs made available by the government post which, a decision on leasing or ownership can be made. Financing is another option that can be looked at to ease your purchase decision. Of course, you can always start small with a portable solar power system, like the really well-made all-in-one and portable solar systems from Goal Zero.

Overlooking insurance and miscalculating your energy consumption might also cost you dear. It is therefore necessary to take requisite help in obtaining near perfect figures on energy consumption before deciding to go off the grid. There is a reason it is called an informed decision. Do your research and maximize the benefits of off the grid living.

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