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The Pocket Shot Slingshot Versus a Standard Slingshot

Powershot Slingshot

If you’re like me, you probably had a slingshot at some point in your childhood. I had many growing up — from the cheap $5 slingshots with a few up to around $80. Shooting our slingshots as kids made for some fun days outside. Plus, it was a bonus that we were surrounded by woods. That meant we could venture about like ninjas shooting trees, stumps, creeks, and more.

Slingshots have changed some over the past 20-30 years. But there’s one that really caught our attention recently called the Pocket Shot. If you’ve been keeping up with outdoor gear you may have seen this little slingshot before.


The Pocket Shot, pictured above, is really a whole new direction in the slingshot market. Instead of the older, familiar Y-shaped slingshot frame, the Pocket Shot has a plastic ring with a ribbed-type rubber bag attached. Until you see it in action you could spend some time just trying to figure out what this thing is.

To use it you simply drop in your projectile (usually a ball bearing) into the bag. You then pull the rubber bag towards you, much like a slingshot, and shoot. The Pocket Shot makers claim that their slingshot will reach speeds up to two to three times greater than regular slingshots — reaching 350 feet per second! Appropriately, the makers and others are not classifying this as a toy and state that they are limiting its sale to those 18 and over.

What does the Pocket Shot come with? You get two versions of the bags, a regular and a pro, with two different draw weights and projectile speeds. At $25 for the main device, and as little as $2.50 for a bag, it’s pretty cheap. There’s even an optional “whisker biscuit cap” attachment to shoot arrows with. Cool!


Compared to a standard slingshot, we think the Pocket Shot is a real contender. Rather than having to explain, please take a look at the video below. It shows the amazing fire capacity of the Pocket Shot versus a standard slingshot. We think you’ll be impressed.

We filed this product under the fishing, hunting, and trapping category because we feel like this would be a great, compact little tool for hunting birds, squirrel, even small rabbit.