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Creating a Window Sill Herb Garden

Not all gardening needs to be done outside. Creating a window sill herb garden is easy and creates a nice look for the kitchen or dining room – and you don’t have to walk far when your recipe calls for a few basil leaves. One of the most important part of growing your own herbs is that, in a case where grocery stores are shut down, or your food is limited in taste or textures, herbs can be a great way to add flavors and that little bit of extra “zing” to make a bland meal more appetizing.



Do Ripe Bananas with Dark Patches Combat Abnormal Cells or Cancer?

There has been many articles lately about how ripe bananas have an anti-cancer type effect, meaning it could be used to help combat abnormal cells or even help to thwart off cancer. Japanese scientists that have spent some time researching fruits and vegetables and the effects of those foods on health have discovered that a within ripe bananas there is a substance, nicknamed Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (or TNF-alpha for short). This substance, according to their study, helps to increase the immune system capacity. The conclusion of the study was that eating those ripe bananas may just prevent certain lifestyle-related diseases and/or carcinogenesis.


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Soursop Super Fruit with Anti-tumor and Cancer Properties

HEALTH TIP: The soursop fruit, also known as graviola (Portuguese) guanábana (Spanish), or corossol (French) is a large, green fruit with a dull spiked surface, found mainly in tropical regions. It comes from a small evergreen tree with dark green leaves. You can eat it ripe by tearing off the green surface. A ripe soursop fruit can be very soft and easy to tear apart with the fingers. On the inside is a soft creamy pulp embedded with numerous black seeds. The pulp, the seeds, and even the leaves and bark can be of significant health benefits.