Skills of the Future – Working in a Post SHTF World

Skills for Post SHTF

Understanding the fundamentals of life and having a broad range of knowledge will be essential if the modern world collapses. In a post-SHTF world, there are several skills that will instantly become valuable.

It would be wise to begin learning a few of these skills as you will be in the best position to re-build our fallen world. Below are a few of the various skill-sets that will become incredibly useful in a post-modern world.

1. Construction

Of course, if we are going to re-build our world, we will need people that understand construction. All trades will become useful such as plumbing, electrical, brick laying, carpentry, welding. As well, architects and engineers will become a valuable asset in the post-apocalyptic world.

2. Health and Medicine

As you can imagine, there will be sickness, injuries and disease in this new world. As such, there will be a heavy responsibility for nurses, medical doctors, surgeons and EMTs. Although, they wouldn’t work in life threatening situations, dentists will also become a much sought after position.

3. Hunter/Gatherers

We need to eat, which means hunters, trappers, fisherman and farmers will become heroes of the day.

4. Security

In a world of scarcity, there is bound to be violence. Having combat knowledge and security training will be essential for protecting you and your family.

A few other random skills you should practice now include sewing, orienteering, gardening and of course wilderness survival. Learn a few of these skills and you will greatly increase your chances of survival in the future.

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