Repelling Insects Naturally with Herbal and HomeMade Items

Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes, black flies and other insects always wait until your hands are full before they try to sink their “teeth” into you? Insects are a part of summer but wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t ruin every outdoor adventure.

The good news is, there are a few natural options you can employ to fight off these annoying pests.

Herbal Insect RepellentHerbal Insect Repellents

There are plenty of natural, herbal insect repellents, which don’t contain DEET, yet still ward off those pesky bugs. A couple of the more popular brands include Lakon Herbals Bygone Bugz and Buzz Away Natural Insect Repellent. Of course you could always create your home mixture using essential oils such as lavender or citronella. Wikipedia also has a great list of insect repelling plants that you can use to make your own herbal repellents.

Insect Netting

Of course, insect netting is 100% natural and very effective if used correctly. With this method, you are able to create a large insect-free zone that lets you enjoy the sunshine without the hassle of bugs. If you leave this zone, you may want to bring along your trusty bug-netting hat or purchase netting from your local camping or sports store, as they often have larger netting that can be used to block off door entrances to a cabin, tent, etc. The hats may look a little silly but they are lifesavers when it comes to working outside during bug season.

Citronella Candles

As mentioned, citronella oil is an effective insect repellent used in many natural insect sprays. However, you can also get a citronella candle, which smells great and will keep the mosquitoes away. That is a win/win situation!

Instead of staying indoors or lathering on the DEET, why not try a few of these more natural options. Good luck with your war on insects.


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