Fire Starting

Amazing Camping Hack: Keep a Fire Burning for Hours with Just One Log

Most campers and hikers will often find they need to constantly keep throwing large logs or branches on a fire to keep it burning for even 1 or 2 hours. And, if you fall asleep while camping, you can expect your fire will go out typically within 45 minutes to 1 hour later. This isn’t good if you need to stay warm. Or, you need to keep a fire going in wet conditions.

A Youtube user named “Doogly” created a simple video that will show you how to create what’s called a “Swedish torch,” or better put, a sustainable fire made with just one log. The Swedish torch legend was thought to originate from hobo, who was looking for an efficient way to stay warm during cold winters. So, he cut a small log as the video shows and stayed warm for many more hours versus a traditional campfire.



Top 25 SHTF Bartering Items You’ll Want to Start Stockpiling Today

We all hope that nothing catastrophic will happen in our lifetime. But we must also realize that we are just a small blip on a timespan of major events that have happened over the past centuries. And, more major events are sure to occur within our or our kid’s lifetime. The simple fact is that we all need to be ready.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than thinking about you or your family not being prepared for the worst — whether it’s marshall law, a catastrophic natural occurrence, EMP (electromagnetic pulse), solar flare that could put us back to the 19th century, or another type of disaster. Many lives will be lost. Not having some preparations made means you will not have anything of value for trading with others looking to stay alive.

Do you think that shiny iPhone or fancy sport car will be worth anything if there was a major disaster caused by an EMP or natural disaster? Believe me, they won’t!


Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes Builders Directory – US and Canada

Tiny home living has exploded over the past few years. People are leaving high-cost mortgages behind and opting for more freedoms. This includes less debt, less environmental footprint or impact, more freedom to travel, save money, and live uncontrolled by bigger houses and bigger expenses. Many types of tiny homes are priced from $30,000 to $60,000 depending on the specifications of the tiny home ordered. A lot of these can be fitted with solar panels and other sustainable items, like composting toilets and similar amenities.

In this post, we’ve listed the most popular tiny home builders in the U.S. If you’re a tiny home builder or know of one, please feel free to contact us and we’ll add the resource to this directory.


Tiny Homes

12 Tiny Dream Homes with Prices, Plans, and Where to Buy

Several days ago we showed you how you can buy or build a tiny home for under $20,000. Today we’d like to show you even more awesome tiny homes that are at or under 300 square feet. Why so much to do about tiny houses? The tiny house movement isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As noted in previous articles, more and more people are ditching their large homes in favor of a smaller footprint, smaller (or no) mortgage payments, and more freedom to travel or live a life free of financial burdens of owning a large home.

Let’s take a look at these truly awesome tiny homes that hopefully will inspire you to think smaller.


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Tiny Homes

8 Amazing Tiny Homes You Can Buy or Build for Under $20,000

Tiny home building has taken the nation by storm over the past few years. Many people are finding the conventional 1500+ sq. ft. homes and 30 year mortgages just do not match up to their personal lifestyle. Others want to leave less of a footprint by opting for a smaller home or they want to use their extra income to travel and save more versus being strapped down by a long-term bank mortgage.

Whatever your reason, we hope that our collection of tiny homes purchased or built for less than $20,000 will inspire you to think about your own desires for life, your home, and your surroundings. Please share this post with anyone who you think would enjoy tiny home living and the ideas presented by the awesome tiny home builders featured in this article.