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Orange Chill ‘N’ Charge Tent Concept is Turning Heads

Having gadgets while camping is not for everyone, as being without such gadgets is the whole point of “getting away” to the woods, by a river, or wherever your camping adventures take you. But for the more nerdy campers or long-term camping expeditions, I’ll have to admit that this solar-powered camping tent is probably one of the coolest I’ve seen to date.

The Orange Chill ‘N’ Charge Tent is a Glastonbury Solar Concept Tent.  It comes with features like sending a SMS message from your mobile phone that triggers this tent to glow. It’s called Glo-cation technology.  While still in concept stage, this tent will definitely become popular to those whole like taking some of their home amenities with them off the grid — whether it’s a DVD player, mobile phone, small radios, etc.

Orange-Solar-Concept-TentProbably one of the most important things to mention about this tent is that it’s not one that you’ll want to haul up or down any hiking trails for too far, since the weight far exceeds normal tents one would have on your hiking/camping trip. But, for longer term camping, or camping that requires a short distance for camp set up from a vehicle, etc., it’s a great concept product to give you some of the things normally left behind in the “plugged in” world. The Orange Chill ‘N’ Charge Tent is designed to sleep 4 people fairly comfortably. Oh… did we mention that the floor heats up when the temperature goes below a certain temperature? Talk about high tech camping!

It is built to supposedly power may of your mobile devices through the built in solar panel array on the roof. No word on how to order one, or even when it will be in production. But the concept tent is causing a lot of press for it’s uniqueness across the web.

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