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Off-Grid Solar Grill Can Store Energy & Cook at Night With Zero Electricity

This is a really cool invention that could revolutionize cooking around the world. It’s called this Wilson Solar Grill. This grill can not only cook your food when the sun is out, but it is able to harness the heat energy so you are able to cook food at night — long after the sun has gone down. The first question asked is obviously, how does this grill work? This solar grill utilizes a fresnel lens that heats Lithium Nitrate. According to Wikipedia, Lithium nitrate “is the lithium salt of nitric acid. It is made by reacting lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide with nitric acid.”

The Wilson Grill can actively store heat energy it accumulates from the sun for up to 25 hours. The convective heat that is released can reach amazing temperatures of up to 450 degrees.

This technology used for solar cooking such as this comes courtesy of MIT professor David Wilson. The wide range of uses for this technology goes beyond cooking alone. With the technology, you could easily store heat energy and use it to supplement heat in your home, heat water used for cooking, washing, or bathing, and people are already looking at this technology to generate electricity as well. Since heat is energy, the energy the Wilson Grill demonstrates should be able to be converted to electricity without a lot of modifications. Since heat is the source, this new technology could quite successfully provide it.

Just to note, the Wilson Grill is a concept product. It is backed by real technology and science. Since the sun is the most powerful powerful source of energy known to man, capturing the sun’s energy with fresnel lenses and storing the heat energy is possible and is already being done.

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